Friday, September 17, 2010

ADMA Awards Judging

This year i was fortunate enough to be selected as a creative judge for the 2010 ADMA Awards. Judging took place in Sydney, where alongside some very highly respected creative directors we picked the best work of the year. Here are some behind the scenes pics of the judges at work;

Checking out a campaign by Commonwealth Bank

Hamish, Rebecca and Neil reviewing the video case studies

Dave Scott writing his thoughts

Selecting the finalists with red dots!


  1. Photos!?

    Would've like to have heard your thoughts on the judging process/interacting with your peers/stylistic trends you may have noticed/the role or influence of the chair of judges/etc.

    Come on Matt. Open up and write!

  2. You are right Stan. I will gather my thoughts and put together a new post. Need to take the Squint to a new level to make it more interesting.